// Chromobiles //
Electrique Babylone. Fiction taximobile. Hypertemps.
Je m’éjecte au bord d’une ligne, là où le pare-brise détient l’histoire répétitive d’une image prête à se changer au travers d’infiltrations « chro-mobiles ».
Photographies argentiques, tirages sur film Duratrans, Lightboxes, numérotées sur 7 ex +1EA

// Chromobiles New York //, Digital Art, interactive 
Cab and mood

It’s raining.
I’ve left the hotel with my luggage and all my bags…Jean is a dirty B……
I don’t even know where I’m going so I stop a taxi and ask the driver to just drive.
After all, I feel well under cover beneath the rain…I’m honorably lost…
I can’t help staring at the meter – $3.70
I can hear the noise of the city and the noise of rain…What am I doing here?
I feel that I know this journey by heart.
It is unexpectedly and pleasantly changeable.
I decide to take pictures of urban space from the windscreen. The taxi driver doesn’t say a word but I can feel he’s stressed. I love the noise of police sirens here… As if I were in a submarine…I travel… without an emergency exit…
There are a lot of cars and the meter now shows $3,80
I open the window a little bit. It’s difficult to breathe outside. I like the smell of rain in cities. I finish up my roll of film.
I feel better. The meter runs, $4,00…
I already know I’m going to go back to the hotel. I ask the driver to go back…to change his itinerary and I also ask him to put on some music…

Série Waiting for the miracle

Série Les Robes

Série Iceland

Série Taxis 08 édition $4,10