Taximood in New-York city

Taxi NYCTaxi NY// Taxis 08 ED $4.10 // Photographies argentiques, tirage sur film Duratrans, Lightboxes
Split soul
La nuit au jour le jour… Parcours hypothétique, vague. Un seul alibi être toujours ailleurs.  Etrange vision du désordre nocturne. Shooté à $4,10 au compteur.

Press release Galerie W : Elodie Lachaud is constantly moving within an “in-between” dimension. “I have always been in between… in-between two families, in-between two houses, in-between two cultures, in-between time… This « in-between » dimension seems to run to instant of pure reality. The series entitled Chromobiles is a taximobile fiction about New York. Elodie Lachaud takes pictures and makes films. She describes, through taxis and dollars, her vision of time going by. She is at the same time seated and mobile in Manhattan’s taxis. Alone but also with “the other one” (the driver). Neither quite inside, nor quite outside. It is a serial mood fiction: Taxis 2001, Chromobiles NY and now the third episode: NY Taxis 08, $4.10. “I am staring at the taxi meter… $4.10… I keep on changing places; the car window is blurring my sight. I take a picture… $4.10… New York is floating… I see the sky… from time to time… clear… hazy… I am scanning the city and its hustle and bustle… Showbiz society… $4.10…There is still no emergency exit.” One multimedia installation consisting of five performance/films: “$13.80”, “Sheeps”, “Wicked” « When I’m filming it’s only to capture the sounds, mixed with my inmost thoughts… » We step in and out; we are just in passing… “in between”, time is running… here we are. We step in… Elodie Lachaud, photographer, video artist, lives and works in Paris. About fifteen large Argentic and illuminated photographs.

Vue rétrospective Mairie du XIIIème – 2019

Decoration d'Intérieur art contemporain

Parution AD

décoration intérieur

Parution Vogue – architecte Stephanie Coutas 

street photographie de taxi a new york

street photographie de taxi a new york

// Cab is melo //  Installation de 5 vidéos-performances

// $13,80  La Nuit je mens… // video HD 18mn

// Wicked  // video HD  13mn


// Yellow Sheeps //  video HD 3 X 2mn


// Tricolarum Taxis Paris //